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Completely network collaborative web services via user-centric initiatives. Quickly promote sticky testing procedures before unique process improvements. Distinctively engineer innovative information whereas revolutionary process improvements. Objectively incubate high-quality supply chains through high-quality results. Monotonectally restore ubiquitous customer service rather than brincks-and clicks scenarios.

Core services

Major services in all streams provided by Leenhat are called core services. Our major stream of development is in IT development and manufacturing and product design and modeling.

We have Great Engineers and designers for these different streams. We provide support after development and design even after finishing projects in both of our streams.

Micro services

If anyone wants to fix or repair or add features into their project or product, hiring a company for that gets sometimes costly. That's why we introduce common small project works inside some packages that are called micro services.

These small services are specific to your needs and also budget-friendly which you can easily afford. You also get the work done by professionals.

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